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About Us

We’re on a mission to empowering start-ups worldwide.

Student Consultancy is one of the India’s leading providers of educational services and tailored education advice Established in Hyderabad in 2023, our gifted mentors have helped students succeed academically and ultimately embark on successful careers in their chosen field.
We sincerely believe every student can achieve academically. Our expert private mentoring enables students of all ages to realize educational potential.  We focus on making education enjoyable and allowing the students to think independently, whether through one-to-one mentoring. Our mentors strive to inspire confidence and resilience, both in the academic and in life.

In addition to mentorig, we provide parents and students with tailored educational advise for their requirements and aspirations. For example, we’ve provided hundreds of students with student consultancy advice  to help them get into some of the UK’s, Europe, Australia and US most prestigious universities. Our experience in the education sector has enabled us to provide specialist advise for parents and students.

Our team

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John Baker

Managing Director

Maria Warden

Head of HR

Robert Fox

Accounting Director

Warren Chae

Head of Technology

Sarah Baker

Creative Director

Felix Kjellberg

Head of Operations